Bespoke Suits & Professional Personal Styling

The term bespoke has become quite popular in recent years. The word has been used in many different industries and situations, but at B'SPO-KEN it has a very specific meaning. We will custom make and custom fit the perfect suit for each client.

We schedule appointment times with each client because it does take time to create a bespoke suit. We discuss usage, seasonal requirements and personal styling issues. We discuss different types of fabrics that would best suit each individual. Our clients assist in choosing their own linings, and stitching in addition to the different types of styles and fabric cuts.

Body type and even posture play an important part as to how a suit will fit a specific individual. It is our goal to make every client look great in their custom made suit. Every body type is different and the way a shirt or suit fits one person is completely different than the way it fits and looks on someone else. Shoulder sizes, sleeve length are just 2 of the dozens of measurements that are considered. Our custom tailoring is the most important part of the process and no detail is overlooked.