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Eton Shirts - New York

Quality and attention to detail are the hallmarks of every Eton shirt. Since the company's inception in 1928, Eton Shirts are hand produced with genuine craftsmanship combined with cutting edge weaving technology. Their unique garment finishing process is the key to their success. B'SPO-KEN is proud to represent this exclusive high-end men's shirt collection. We are excited about providing our local New York clients the very best in men's shirts. Like Eton, we believe in providing sustainable and beautiful clothes of the highest quality. B'SPO-KEN will walk you through the entire custom designed shirt process.

The Shirts

Eton shirts are world renowned for their high quality and unique design. The fabrics come from the finest yarns available. Styling is impeccable and when shopping at B'SPO-Ken every shirt is custom fit. The 2012 Fall/Winter collections include 4 distinct styles. Eton and B'SPO-KEN are providing custom designed shirts from Eton's Red Ribbon, Black Ribbon, Green Ribbon and Diamond collections. Contact B'SPO-KEN to schedule an appointment to view the new Eton shirts today.B'SPO-KEN is conveniently located in Staten Island, New York. Just a few miles from New York City and just a short ride for our New Jersey residents.

"We don't really look at fashion trends, per say."

– Sebastian Dollinger, Creative Manager