Made To Measure Suits | Made-To-Measure Garments | New York City

Epitome of Exclusiveness

The creation of a made to measure suit is the epitome of exclusiveness. We provide you with expert stylists who will listen to your requests before taking the measurements.After clearly understanding your needs, the fitting process will begin. Once all measurements are reviewed and discussed with our expert pattern makers, the fabric is ordered and the cutting process begins.

Our made to measure garments are not restricted to just suits, we can offer the same service with shirts, pants and sweaters also.

Made to Fit

For many men who exceed the average size, height or width, they find it almost impossible to find clothes that fit correctly, especially something that they really like. We will provide you with the information to make you look and feel your best. You also have the ability to choose the texture, color, and style to your liking. Our stylists are familiar with most of the current trends and timeless looks, if there is a specific style you have in mind.

Our tailor can also make suggestions based upon your body structure, to either emphasize or hide specific body features. Our goal is the same as yours, to have your suit fit perfectly.