Custom Suit and Shirt Testimonials

New York, NY

I have never shopped for a custom suit before, but I assure you, I will never buy off the rack again. The suit fits and feels amazing and I am getting compliments wherever I go. As a hard to fit, plus sized gentleman, I have never found a suit that fit me so well or made me feel so good. I really appreciated your attention to detail and amazing customer service. Thank you again for providing an exceptional experience at B'SPO-KEN.

– David Fanning

Staten Island, NY

Thanks so much for your hospitality yesterday. Your store is magnificent!!!!! What a fantastic selection of incredible clothes. You nailed it!!!!!

– John S.

New York City

I had to write and thank you for all the help you have given me. I've heard the saying that 'clothes make the man', but I never realized how true that statement really was. The custom suit and shirts you made for me fit me like a glove. The fabric is fabulous. I can't believe I'm even saying that. Thanks again for all your hard work. I'm a true believer.

– Larry C.

Downtown NYC - SOHO

I was really impressed with the level of knowledge that your staff had about suits. I always prided myself on knowing alot about fashionable suits and when someone knows more about them than me it really says a lot. I don't think I would have been as satisfied if I went somewhere else. Great experience, I look forward to buying more custom tailored suits from B'Spo-Ken.

– Steve Peterson

NYC - Gramercy

Before dealing with you, I would go with off-the-rack suits, that were way too big, and then have to get them tailored. They never did fit or look correct. I would end up with having to spend more on those suits, than your custom tailored suits cost. I am a very satisfied customer.

– Mike T.

New York, NY

Thank you again for an amazing shopping experience. I am a big man and shopping for clothes is always a problem. Nothing ever fits right. Shopping at your boutique was the first time that I bought clothes without making compromises. I wore my new suit to a function last week and several people stopped me to comment on the obvious quality of the suit and how good it made me look. Thank you for an amazing experience, I will absolutely be back for my next suit soon.

– David Fanning

NYC - Tribeca

You guys patiently walked a "first timer" through the entire process of selecting the right style, the right fabric, and the detailed measurements. The end result was me getting the absolute best suit that I own. This experience was so much better then me just going to a men's suit warehouse...which is where I normally would go. You guys really made me feel comfortable (I'm not sure if you could tell I was a little nervous).

– Donald Chaplin

NYC - Tribeca

I have finally found a trustworthy Tailor. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed. Thank you for the services that you provide and the high level of attention to detail that you have given me personally.

– Mark Benton

NYC - Greenwich Village

Kudos to you and your team! This definitely was a wonderful experience. My suit was absolutely fabulous! I will be recommending you and your team to everyone that compliments me on my suit. I'm going to need another one very soon so see you sometime next month.

– Paul Christopher Michaels

NYC - Lower Manhattan

Today I got got dressed, put my new suit on, and looked in the mirror and said "Wow, is that me?" I've never bought a custom suit before. I always had bought a suit from a department store that was close to my size and had my wife hem my pants. This kind of fit and quality I am not used to. I LOVE IT! Don't tell my wife but I think you just put her out of work.

– Julian Simms

NYC - Chelsea

The convenience of your coming to me to discuss what I wanted and to do the fittings was fantastic. It was also great that you were able toanswer all my questions. You were my starting point and I found it very easy to discuss what look and material I wanted for my suit. The decision was made easy thanks to the vast knowledge you had on what is in style and looks great.

– Richard N. Aglute

NYC - Midtown

As a busy executive I have little time for malls, department stores, and shopping in general, especially when most of what they offer is not very exciting and is typically pedestrian in quality. You brought the highest quality fabrics to my office, measured and fits me there, on my schedule, and saved me tremendous time and money, while providing me with superb clothes and excellent service!

– Bill Carmichael

Downtown NYC - Wall Street

I just wanted to say thank you for the alterations to my suit. I was really desperate. Sorry for waiting to the very last second to come to you. I was so busy preparing for my big presentation at the Javits Center that I completely forgot about my suit. I hadn't worn it in a few years. Looks like I lost a few pounds. Once again Ken I appreciate you going out of your way for me.

– Craig Rodriguez

NYC, New York

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you. What you did for me was amazing. The compliments I received was worth every penny. I can't thank you enough.

– Kevin G.

Staten Island, NY

I just wanted to let you know the shirts fit perfect. I couldn't ask for a better fit. I got numerous compliments on my outfit which included one of the shirts, & the sports jacket I purchased from you. Thank You so much. Your efforts are very appreciated. All the Best.

– Barry G.

New York, NY

This was the very first time when I felt that a clothier was more interested in providing me what I wanted and needed rather than making an existing suit work for me. You asked me questions that I did not know were even options when designing a suit and left me feeling very well attended to in this process. Between the quality of the suit, and the exceptional nature of the customer experience, I assure you that you will have me as a customer again very soon!

– David Fanning