Posted On: February 27, 2016

You already know that your appearance can make the difference in both your business and your social life. You’ve discovered the value of well-made and custom tailored clothing with novel accessories to match, but have you considered your shoes? Bspo-ken thinks you should and to assist you we now carry a line of shoes from Scarpe di Bianco; handmade classic shoes with a twist for the modern man.

You know the drill; Oxfords and Monk Straps for those important meetings, Brogues and Bluchers for those slightly less formal occasions or tooling around the office, loafers for business casual or strictly casual affairs, Spectators for those jazzy events or the golf course, and finally the Chukka boot when you’re all out relaxing. Though these shoes can be purchased anywhere, the Scarpe di Bianco line has an edge on everyone else; their shoes are each handmade and hand tooled with the finest materials. Their collection is more than functional... it is art, so much so that only 25 shoes are produced per day.

You’ve chosen to have your suits and clothing custom made, and even if you haven’t, why skimp on the shoes? After all, you can hide your suit with an overcoat but your shoes? They are visible all the time. That is why we chose to offer the Scarpe di Bianco collection. They are constructed with the finest materials and extraordinary attention to detail, and better yet, unlike the mainstream shoe you can purchase, they are styled with contemporary colors to make you, and your clothing, stand out from the crowd.

In addition to their elegant look, this collection is known for its outstanding craftsmanship. These shoes aren’t glued together as are many off-the-shelf shoes, but are painstakingly hand-sewn with an emphasis on detail. They are made of the finest sourced leather with grains to match the style; “Scotch grain,” “box calf,” “reverse calf’ suede, “sport suede,” South American Crocodile, American Alligator and “patent leather.” No matter your style, event or occasion, there is a shoe that will make you and your apparel the talk of the town.

Posted On: February 08, 2016

Clients of B'SPO-KEN have come to appreciate our tireless effort and our commitment to new and amazing styles and fashion innovation that ensures they are always the best dressed in the room.  We also appreciate the efforts made by our international vendors, new and old, that assist us in this endeavor.

Eton of Sweden is one of those vendors and they have just announced an updated Eton brand and have improved their stock service. They have created an impressive method and have provided their exclusive stylists, including B'SPO-KEN, to work with their clients using their newly released 2016 Collection Books

The New Eton

As you might have noticed, the Eton brand has been through a reinvention. Spring/Summer 2016 reveals a new Eton with a fresh brand platform that clearly illustrates our new and improved direction. We have updated our logo, store concept, brand colors and packaging. And last but not least, we have renewed our most recognized and valued asset - the Eton Stock Service.

We have separated the books by assortment to give the buyer, store staff and end consumer a more easy-to-understand approach to the Eton Stock Service.

Eton Collection

The Eton Collection book includes shirts with our unique, crease resistant finish. All Eton Collection shirts from the SS16 delivery will have the new Eton blue ribbon in the collar. The book is divided in six parts: super slim, slim, contemporary, classic fit, French cuff and extra long sleeve.

Eton Green Collection

In the Eton Green book, you will find shirts made from soft touch materials such as denim, linen, Oxford and flannel. These shirts have been washed and they also have a softer interlining in collar and cuff for a more casual style.

Eton Accessories Collection

The accessories book is filled with timeless and classic ties, pocket squares, scarves and evening accessories. We have also added best sellers and a range of fun and unique styles for those who want to give their look a further personalized touch.

Eton MTM Collection

We have not only made a new, separate Made-to-Measure book, we have also simplified the Eton Made-to-Measure concept. In six short steps you can help your customer find the perfect fit and look, just for them.

Eton Evening Collection

The Evening book has been divided by body fit for an even better overview of the available options. We have also added information about the different shirts to make sure no details are missed out in the party preparations.

A Tailor Made Gift for Your Groomsmen


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Dec 03, 2015

You’re getting married and the lavish plans are under way. Though you are looking forward to a new life the preparations for the big day can be downright stressful. There are so many details and let’s face it, it’s not like this is something you do everyday day and they certainly didn’t teach you this at business school. It seems like just when you’ve got it all down someone throws another decision at you. Now it’s what your gift to the groomsmen will be.

That’s a good one, right? What do you give your groomsmen that they will use, like or want to display? Well, we may be able to help with that and we’ll tell you how. You and your groomsmen will be wearing tuxedos and though you, as the groom, want to look your best and may have opted for a custom made tuxedo, your groomsmen will most likely rent their tuxes, not realizing of course that they will need them again and again.

So what can we do for you? We can outfit the male section of your wedding party with custom made suits. You and your groomsmen will look spectacular in those photos and videos your new wife is planning. You’re worried that it may cost too much, your guys aren’t exactly millionaires.

Don’t worry, that’s where the groomsmen’s gift comes in. When you choose us to outfit you and your groomsmen in custom tuxedos, we can offer you a deal that will keep on giving. For little more than the cost of a tuxedo rental, we can customize the tuxedos you and your guys are wearing. When we are finished, part of the cost goes to the groomsmen, perhaps the portion that would have spent renting anyway, and the rest of the cost goes to you, the groom.

How exactly does that benefit you? That’s easy. Your portion of the tuxedo gets added to their portion of the tuxedo and when all is said and done, your groomsmen have amazing suits they own that are custom tailored to fit them.  There is no better groomsmen gift than the gift of looking and feeling great in your very own custom made suit and every compliment they receive while wearing them will be a reminder of this thoughtful gift.